Critical Updates

The Spiller Road proposal is being introduced to Council on Tuesday, February 16th for first reading. The agenda package with the full staff report is on the City website (please copy and paste links below into your browser)

There is additional background, technical documents and feedback opportunities on Shape Your City here:


·         City staff will be bringing forward their report on the 1050 Spiller Road proposal to Council on February 16th. At that meeting, Council will consider first reading of the amending bylaws and to begin public consultation. 

·         Should Council support first reading and direct staff to proceed with public consultation, staff will begin to formally gather public feedback through surveys, feedback forms and other activities. 

·         City staff would then report back the results of the public consultation and provide recommendations for next steps, such as a public hearing or direction for changes to the plans based on the public feedback etc. The reporting back of information will likely occur in May. 

Please include your feedback  as part of the engagement process and participate in the forums/discussion/Q&A currently available on the City website now.  It is super important to ask hard questions and stick to facts, critical issues and the guidance of the OCP whenever possible.  

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