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Lifetime Membership -$25.00 or donations accepted with gratitude

Purchase your membership above and make additional donations below.  All payments are done securely through PayPal without the need for an account. You can pay using credit or debit card.  For those who wish to pay by e-transfer, click here to get the email address.

With a Membership you will:

  • Support the Society for the Preservation of the Naramata Bench to help bring community awareness of the significant and extensive environmental, economic, social and legal risks of development and densification of the hillsides along the Naramata Bench;

  • Build our membership and send a clear message to the City, Council and the RDOS of the support of the community; 

  • Help us take action to oppose future densification in the forest and hillsides along the Naramata Bench.


Donations to our Society assist with legal fees, experts in the fields of environmental and geotechnical reviews, insurance and website costs to allow us to keep serving our community.   All our committee time is volunteer, and any funds raised will be 100% transparent with all donations going towards preserving our Naramata Bench.

With your kind donations we have been able to lobby the city on key issues, with well researched legal opinions, and even put together a fabulous video.  Most of the work done by our group including this website, is all a result of endless hours of volunteer time, by a group of passionate people that know how special the hillsides of the Naramata Bench are.

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