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  1. Tractor rally rolls through Penticton in protest...  (Global, Sep 16/20)

  2. Southern Okanagan farmers protest...  (CBC, Sep 16/20)

  3. Rally [..] prompts reaction from developer   (Penticton Western News, Sep 15/20)

  4. Weedy development site irks neighbours....  (Penticton Herald, Oct 14/20)

  5. Residents oppose Spiller development...   (Penticton Western News, Feb 14/14)

  6. Farmers rally against proposed mega-subdivision...   (GlobalNews, Sep 14/20)

  7. WATCH: Tractors line Main Street in opposition...   (Penticton Western News, Sep 15/20)

  8. Concern Over "Horizons" Changing On The Bench...   (MyNaramata, Sep 16/20)

  9. Farmers rally at Penticton City Hall to oppose...   (, Sep 15/20)

  10. Protest in front of Penticton City Hall...   (PentictonNow, Sept 15/20)

  11. RDOS denies responsibility   (Castanet, Apr 11/19)

  12. Penticton Indian Band opposes Canadian Horizons...   (Penticton Western News, Oct 19/20)

  13. New society, website launched...   (Penticton Herald, Dec 21/20)

  14. 10 pivotal First Nations rights disputes to watch in 2021...   (Maclean's, Dec 15/20)

  15. Rezoning decision looms large for detractors...   (Penticton Western News, Jan 8/21)
    Article Response: City staffer seems too enthusiastic for Spiller Rd....(Penticton Western News, Jan 13/21)
    Article Response: Staff’s job is analysis, not promotion – (Penticton Herald Jan 16/21)

  16. Responsible Development for our Future Generations   (MyNaramata, Jan 11/21)

  17. Terry David Mulligan - Protecting Naramata Bench (Tasting Room Radio, Jan 16/21)

  18. Development still a concern (Castanet, Feb 11/21)

  19. Bench proposal feedback (Castanet, Feb 11/21)

  20. Council kills controversial 300-home development (Penticton Herald, Feb 16/21)

  21. City axes zoning request (Castanet, Feb 16/21)

  22. Community group happy with council’s rejection...  (Penticton Western News, Feb 17/21)

  23. Preserve Naramata Bench Press Release (, Feb 17/21)

  24. Penticton Indian Band Applauds City of Penticton (, Feb 17/21)

  25. OPINION: The natural values are what make Penticton so attractive (Penticton Western News, Mar 3/21)