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  1. Global TV - Tractor rally rolls through Penticton in protest...  (Global, Sep 16/20)

  2. Southern Okanagan farmers protest...  (CBC, Sep 16/20)

  3. Rally [..] prompts reaction from developer   (Penticton Western News, Sep 15/20)

  4. New Society launched to protect the Naramata Bench (Penticton News, Dec 23/20)

  5. Weedy development site irks neighbours....  (Penticton Herald, Oct 14/20)

  6. Residents oppose Spiller development...   (Penticton Western News, Feb 14/14)

  7. Farmers rally against proposed mega-subdivision...   (GlobalNews, Sep 14/20)

  8. WATCH: Tractors line Main Street in opposition...   (Penticton Western News, Sep 15/20)

  9. Concern Over "Horizons" Changing On The Bench...   (MyNaramata, Sep 16/20)

  10. Farmers rally at Penticton City Hall to oppose...   (, Sep 15/20)

  11. Protest in front of Penticton City Hall...   (PentictonNow, Sept 15/20)

  12. RDOS denies responsibility   (Castanet, Apr 11/19)

  13. Penticton Indian Band opposes Canadian Horizons...   (Penticton Western News, Oct 19/20)

  14. New society, website launched...   (Penticton Herald, Dec 21/20)

  15. 10 pivotal First Nations rights disputes to watch in 2021...   (Maclean's, Dec 15/20)

  16. Rezoning decision looms large for detractors...   (Penticton Western News, Jan 8/21)
    Article Response: City staffer seems too enthusiastic for Spiller Rd....(Penticton Western News, Jan 13/21)
    Article Response: Staff’s job is analysis, not promotion – (Penticton Herald Jan 16/21)

  17. Responsible Development for our Future Generations   (MyNaramata, Jan 11/21)

  18. Terry David Mulligan - Protecting Naramata Bench (Tasting Room Radio, Jan 16/21)

  19. Development still a concern (Castanet, Feb 11/21)

  20. City of Penticton exploring engagement process (Castanet, Feb 11/21)

  21. Council kills controversial 300-home development (Penticton Herald, Feb 16/21)

  22. City axes zoning request (Castanet, Feb 16/21)

  23. Community group happy with council’s rejection...  (Penticton Western News, Feb 17/21)

  24. Preserve Naramata Bench Press Release (, Feb 17/21)

  25. Society for Preservation of the Naramata Bench applauds city council's decision to deny rezoning (Castanet, Feb 17/21)

  26. Penticton Indian Band Applauds City of Penticton (, Feb 17/21)

  27. Kelowna Council denies Canadian Horizons subdivision in the works for 8 years (Kelowna Capital News, Mar 2/21)

  28. Developer sues Kelowna stating "bad faith" decision to reject subdivision (Keremeos Review, Sept 7/21)

  29. Kelowna Council excludes Canadian Horizon's land from growth area (Castanet, Sept 7/21)

  30. OPINION: The natural values are what make Penticton so attractive (Penticton Western News, Mar 3/21)

  31. Spurned developer lobbying BC gov't to transfer powers from municipalities (Okanagan Edge, Mar 11/22)

  32. Society for the Preservation of the Naramata Bench gearing up again to fight Canadian Horizons (Penticton Herald, May 16/22)

  33. Naramata housing development scales back to seek approval (Castanet May 18/22)

  34. Society for the Preservation of the Naramata Bench urges participation in public engagement (Penticton Herald, June 17/22)

  35. Penticton Council expresses concerns with Naramata Bench development echoing grassroots community group (Castanet, sept 6/22)

  36. Public Opposition to Penticton's Spiller Rd. Development remains (Summerland Review, June 11/22)

  37. Sewer owner rejects claim system at risk of catastrophic failure  (Penticton Herald ,Aug 25/22)

  38. Global TV - Controversial Naramata development back on Council Agenda (Sept 1/22)

  39. Public engagement results show majority of Penticton still disapproves...(Castanet, Sept 1/22)

  40. Results show strong opposition to Horizon's proposal (Penticton News, Sept 4/22)

  41. Canadian Horizons withdraws development proposal #2...(Penticton Western News, Sept 1/22)

  42. Global TV - Outlook Developer's engineer says developer not responsible for excess ground water (March 28/18)

  43. Property owners sue developer of Kettle Ridge (Penticton Herald, Jan 17/19)

  44. BC government blames developers of Kettle Ridge and Outlook (Castanet, Jan 15/19)

  45. Mud slides create chaos in StoneBrook (Vista clearcut Naramata) (My Naramata, Sept 14)

  46. RDOS stop passing buck on hillside runoff (Vista clearcut Naramata) (My Naramata, Sept 22)

  47. Vista developer and engineer are silent (My Naramata, Sept 26)

  48. Area director urges more oversight of Vista Development  (My Naramata, Sept 27)

  49. How is hillside development controlled (My Naramata, Sept 27)

  50. RDOS enforcement of permits and bylaws on hillside development inadequate (My Naramata, Sept 29/22)

  51. Homeowner impacted by mudslide (My Naramata, Oct 5/22)

  52. The Campbell Mountain Elk have returned early (Summerland Review, Nov 8/22)

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