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CALL TO ACTION - the Naramata Bench needs your help

Updated: Jun 1


We Need you now!!

Monday, June 3rd, 6:00pm, Public Hearing

In-Person best but zoom details below





Our elected officials are not listening…


Penticton's Official Community Plan 2024 is being presented for acceptance by Penticton City Council. Changes in the plan could potentially allow 100's of homes on small lots along the east side of Naramata Road and beside Campbell Mtn Landfill.


80% of public feedback supports removing the Spiller Road area as a “growth area” in the OCP.  This would remove higher density land use designations (townhouses/duplexes, fourplexes, etc) . This is AWESOME but despite the overwhelming public support a few of the Councillors are not onside. They want to hear more from the public.

We need your voice:

  1. Remove Spiller Rd. area as a growth area in the OCP.

  2. The Rural Residential designation is a MINIMUM of 1 hectare regardless of municipal hookups.

  3. Retain current zoning of Agriculture (2 ha) and Forestry/Grazing (16 ha).


City staff advised Council they have enough areas to build within the built-up areas of the city, and no longer need the Naramata Bench as a growth area.

Recommendations to remove the Spiller area as a growth area are, so far, from:

  • Penticton City Staff

  • The Penticton Indian Band

  • Interior Health

  • The OCP Council appointed Task Force

  • The Society for Preservation of the Naramata Bench

  • Grasslands BC

  • Sierra Club

  • Okanagan Habitat Preservation 2030

  • Commonage Preservation Alliance

  • First Things First

  • Interior Watershed Task Force

  • PUBLIC engagement - clearly wanting large rural lots sizes to prevent densification and urban sprawl, and to protect sensitive hillside environments

  • And, hopefully, YOU

The Spiller Rd. area is steep, environmentally sensitive hillside. Thousands of trees will be cut down and the rock will be blasted destroying this ecosystem forever.

  • habitat loss for the Greyback Elk Herd and 18 other species at risk

  • increased traffic

  • erosion concerns to agricultural lands below

  • unique character and identity of Naramata Bench eroded

  • increased water demands in a drought area

  • higher cost maintenance and services not offset with taxes

  • potential lawsuits from leachate from landfill;

  • higher emissions from large homes and vehicles

 Please call your friends, family and contacts to come out in solidarity to protect our jewel, the Naramata Bench

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