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Densification of the hillsides of the Naramata Bench, once made, cannot be undone

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The Naramata Bench has enjoyed worldwide acclaim for its orchards, vineyards, wineries and natural beauty. It has captivated visitors, residents and landowners alike with beautiful vistas and a slow-paced and enchanting lifestyle. That is all about to change if Canadian Horizons has its way and develops a subdivision off Spiller road, located near the Campbell mountain landfill site. The clearcut and development in this prized tourist destination will impact Penticton and Naramata's businesses alike.

At the onset of this development there was a design for a new road starting from 880 Naramata Road. The new road was going to wind its way up a steep rocky bank, towards the Spiller road development site. Near to this proposed road one will find a pictograph. As recent stories in the news have shown us, the more access to these cultural treasures, the more likely they are to be defaced.

This is a picture graph from the original people of the Okanagan, the Sylix Nation, that is located on Canadian Horizons land at 1050 Spiller Road.

The city of Penticton is currently going through a major development spree, with housing being built in Upper Wiltse and Columbia Heights, as well as in and around downtown. With other more established development projects already in progress, one has to question the need for high density housing in a remote location near the Campbell Mountain Landfill, and ask, "Whose interest is being served?" With concerns around global climate change, does it make sense to increase our carbon footprint, destroy sensitive ecosystems, threaten our water security and negatively impact what has become a potential world class wine region?

With this knowledge in mind, now is the time for all like-minded citizens to stand up and say NO to Canadian Horizons Spiller road development proposal and like Napa, take measures to preserve and protect this pristine region, while we still can.


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